Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Justin Amash--Obstructionist or Principled Leader?

I have heard the term obstructionist more in the last 18 months than I have in the previous 18 years.  Over those 18 months, the term has largely been applied to Republicans who stood up against President Obama's liberal agenda.

One definition of obstructionist I found online reads, "a person who delays or obstructs the business before a legislative body by parliamentary contrivances or legalistic maneuvers."  I read this and I wonder why the term is used like it's a bad thing?  When a liberal majority is cramming through unpopular, unfunded and possibly unconstitutional legislation in the middle of the night, I want my elected official to stop it. I want an obstructionist to do whatever it takes to keep the legislation from passing.

Justin Amash is running for Congress in Michigan's 3rd District. After just two years in the Michigan House of Representatives, Justin has acquired a well-deserved reputation as someone who says NO!  And I say Hallelujuah!

If Justin doesn't like just one part of a bill, he votes no for the whole thing.  He won't "give" on the part he doesn't like to get the part he does.  If the part he doesn't like doesn't belong in the bill, he just says NO!

If Justin isn't given enough time to read a bill, he votes NO--even if it is a substantive issue he would otherwise support.  He has even co-sponsored a bill in the Michigan House with more than a dozen other lawmakers that would force legislators to take three days after a final version of a bill is available before voting.  He wants to slow the process down.  I guess that makes him obstructionist--and I respect him for it!

As one looks back over history, many of our greatest heroes were obstructionists.  They stood up for what they believe in by standing against what they did not. I won't name any names, because I will be ridiculed for comparing a freshman congressman to a revered hero.  But think about 5 heroes.  I will bet at least 4 of them stood up for what was right by standing against what was wrong.

Justin Amash believes it is wrong to spend money we don't have.  He will not support deficit spending and he is standing up against putting our children and grandchildren in a lifetime of debt.

I am tired of representatives who vote for bills when they don't know what is in it.  I am tired of representatives who vote based on party line.  And I am tired of representatives who vote for something as a trade for something else.  Some might say that this is politics as usual.  I say it's time to change politics.

It's time to elect a man like Justin Amash who says what he believes and votes how he believes.

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  1. When I read this article in the OP today, I was apauled. I've been watching Justin Amash for over a year, he posted every vote on FB, and I have to say, he voted like I would have wanted him to. What is happening to the GOP? Are they intentionally trying to sabotage this election? I say, all those that do not support our nominees ought to go asap.

  2. We need more men and women like Justin Amash! He is standing against evil, and for what's right.

    It seems the GOP is purposely trying to sabotage not just this election, but America itself. Why? Who are they working for? It is against the will of the American people. Shame on them for the damage and destruction they are doing.